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No way we would have raised all this money without an amazing team of people pulling together to make it happen. Here's a list of our volunteers. I hope I got everyone:

Susan Guarino and Mary Beth Riordan - Ran the entire event, and with their team assembled 130 gift baskets! An incredible feat.

Nancy Pietz & Val Voss -Gift Auction Coordinators

Tracey Wolff - Ran the Big gift card raffle.

Nancy Britton- Registration

Scott Britton- Money & Raffle gifts

Jill Ryan- Decorations and  set up

Teri Miller- program  creation

And here's the rest of the team:

Chris O'Donnell- Fantastic job as caller!

Gia Van Duyne

Alison Devito

Allyson WInter

Christine Yadlon

Christine Riccardi

Cynthia Gonzalez

Carlene Smith

Robin McBride

Jim Lastella

Donna Hoffman

Nicole Alonso

Lara Lynch

Cindy DiBella

Joann Sjosward

Kim Davies

Leslie Yetman

Maria Ciaramella

Nicole Kelly

Jill Wagner

Jeannine Wallace

Sue Quinton


Anthony Guarino

Nicolise Pugliano

Charlie Kelly

Seth Gonzalez

Helen Yetman

Brooke Quinton

Colin Miller

Danielle Knoll

Patrick Riordan

Greyson Marshall

Sophia Koumoutsos

Jason Wolff

The Monmouth Regional Custodial Staff and to all of those that attended and made this evening such a success!

NThe PTSA held our biggest fund raising event of the year on Friday, January 26,2018. It was our annual Bingo Night and Gift Auction, and thanks to the hard work of the team that put it together, all the great support from our community, and the huge number of donations we got from businesses, the evening was a tremendous success.


The Bingo night and Gift Auction is really made up of three separate fund raisers. The Bingo games and Gift Auction, The Big Gift Card Raffle, and the 50/50 Raffle. Here's how we did:

Bingo Games and Gift Auction - raised $19,419

Big Gift Card Raffle - raised $1149

50/50 Raffle at Bingo - raised  $1,1250.00


Thank you all for making our Bingo Night and Gift Auction a huge success!

Thanks to all of the people and businesses that donated merchandise.

Do you have any idea how many donations you need to create 130 gift baskets? I don't know either, but it's a lot!

Local businesses showed us tremendous generosity, and one way we can thank them for that is to show them some love in return.

Monmouth Regional High School PTSA